Cover art by Tom Austin

Welcome to another lean, mean and ready to kick butt issue of Worldforge's now monthly newsletter, the Chopping Block.

It seems that the whole Worldforge project has gone Werewolf mad, so the Chopping Block has followed suit. This issue is officially proclaimed the "Werewolf!" issue (plenty exclamation marks to go around!). We have Tom to thank for this lovely Werewolf cover art piece. As well we have an a couple of articles taken from Bryce's split personality ranting about this new rage of mob lynching.

But those who hadn't caught Werewolf fever yet there is still something in this issue for you! This is a good report from the YUP team about there up and coming client. (Might give Sal and XClient a run for their money.) Aloril has been busy with some more Atlas stuff, this time it's a little more complex, a Chat server. For all you German speaking people there is a German translation of the Worldforge FAQ (All thought if you can read this you can most probably read the FAQ :). And for those of you who prefer giant, flying flies over werewolves Kai has some information on the Dipviras.

There is also a late submission by Demitar of an article about his RIM-Python stuff.

Well that about covers this issue of the Chopping Block! See you all again in a month with another issue of the Chopping Block! (BTW all beware, - Be werry, werry, quiet. I'm hunting CB articles -)

This is Mithro signing off.