Simple chat server using Atlas-Python

What it does

It accepts login and create operations and records ids given by the client. Then everything the user says is broadcast to every client.


Server class

Keeps track of currently connected clients and sends the requested talk operation, inside a sound operation, to all clients

"send_all" -sends the requested talk operation as a sound perception to all clients that have logged in.

"has_account" -used to check whether a client with the given id already exists.

class ChatServer(server.SocketServer):
    def send_all(self, op):
        for client in self.clients:
            if hasattr(client, "id"):
                                                      from = op.from_,
                                                      to =
    def has_account(self, id):
        for client in self.clients:
            if hasattr(client, "id") and == id:
                return 1
        return 0

Client class

Handles login/create operations and sets id to requested account id. If a client with the requested id already exists, sends an error operation.

Talk operations are simply forwarded to the server part to be broadcasted to every client. If the client is not logged in, then talk operations are discarded.

create_op = login_op

def talkop(self, op): if hasattr(self, "id"): op.from = self.server.send_all(op)

class ChatClient(server.TcpClient):
    def login_op(self, op):
        account = op.args[0].id
        if self.server.has_account(account):
            self.send_error(op, "somebody already in with that id")
   = account
            ent = atlas.Object(parents=["player"], id=account)
            self.reply_operation(op, atlas.Operation("info",

Main part

Here we create the server instance, giving it ChatClient as an argument to use when creating new connections, and then go into the processing loop:

    s = ChatServer("Simple OOG chat server", server.args2address(sys.argv),

For the whole example code see forge/libs/Atlas-Python/

Example telnet sessions

To test from telnet, paste these into telnet sessions:


ATLAS telnet client
ICAN Bach_beta

{parents:["login"], args:[{id:"al"}], id:"0", objtype:"op"} {parents:["talk"], args:[{say:"Hello world!"}], from:"al", objtype:"op"}


ATLAS telnet client
ICAN Bach_beta

{parents:["login"], args:[{id:"la"}], id:"0", objtype:"op"} {parents:["talk"], args:[{say:"!dlrow olleH"}], from:"la", objtype:"op"}

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