Dipviras, a race changes

I still don't really know how I got into this. Perhaps it was this open source answer novalis gave me when I was complaining about Dipviras. "If you don't like the way they're done, why don't you do it?" What can you hold against this? So I decided to get to work. In this article I will give you a view of the current 'evolution' of the Dipviras. It's not yet finished and I would greatly appreciate feedback.

Due to my fancy ideas, like giving them a telepathic connection called 'hive mind', I really had to change things. Dipviras are hive insects now. They have evolved from bees. There are two subspecies of Dipviras, and rumors about a third one. First I will describe what they have in common.

Dipviras are about human in size. They are bipedal and have four arms with three-fingered hands (one thumb, two opposable fingers). They have a chitinous carpace. For insects, they have large heads (because of their bigger brains) with compound eyes, mandibles and two antennae. The latter are special. The Dipviras use them to link in a telepathic network called a 'hive mind'. If a Dipvira's antennae are damaged, it is cut off from the hive mind; so, Dipviras are very protective about their antennae and afraid of anything that could damage them. Sometimes Dipviras hatch with defective antennae. The hive expels them immediately. If the antennae get damaged after the Dipvira is introduced into the hive, the Dipvira is not expelled. But often these poor creatures lose their sanity because they feel lonely without the telepathic connection. The telepathic connection could be jammed, but you would need a powerful spell to jam the whole hive. Dipviras would never do something like this, though. They have a strict code of honor that doesn't permit such foul play.

The subspecies known are the Foresters and the Diggers.

The Foresters

live in the forests, as you can guess. Depending on the type of forest, they either live in the branches of one giant tree or spread their hive across middle sized trees, creating treetop villages. Foresters have slender bodies and are very good fliers. They are very protective of their forests and will attack anybody who tries to cut wood. You can trade wood for things they need, though.

The Diggers

live in the grasslands of Dural. They are sturdier and far fiercer than the Foresters. Diggers live in holes in the ground and often mine the hills for ore and charcoal. They often guard large areas and attack intruders. As mentioned before, Diggers like to fight. Frequently wars rage between the different hives.

by Kai "nowhere" Blin