Cyphesis Server

Cyphesis-C++ version 0.1.93 has been released and is available from the main WorldForge ftp site. Here are the download urls:



I believe this is now the feature set and condition the code will be in for Mason 0.1, and this release could be considered a release candidate for the Mason 0.1 release, which will be Cyphesis 0.2. It should be apropriate for maintainers of stable servers to upgrade to this version.

The installation process has changed alot since Acorn 0.4, and quite a bit since previous releases. The setup is now largely automated, and the README file should provide all details required.

Al Riddoch


Malcolm has set up the sprite information for the male builder (settler) and female paladin characters while Ron's been busy whipping uclient into shape:

Sear Client

Changes Simon has made recently to improve Sear:


Xmp has been forging ahead with coding changes for Dime:


gfire has introduced some new items for Mist:

dmiles has introduced a plugin to allow object exploring in

If you want to include your project here, please send any status reports to the announce@ mailing list. Any special CVS activity you can just email bear.