by Kai Blin

Wait! ComicForge? I thought you people were doing MMORPGs here, not comics! Well, every world needs some places that can be developed, and comics are one way of fooling around in a world. While doing a comic, we intend to work closely together with the other world development teams. By placing the first episode of our series in Syllus, we intend to give other developers a feeling what the stage (forgive the pun) for our next game after Mason will be.

So now you know what ComicForge is. Let's see what ComicForge is doing so far.

We have created a group of heroes that will face adventures in all of Dural. Syllus will be the first setting; the rest are yet to be decided.

The group consists of a female human warrior, an male elven mage and a female dwarven druid. We're still thinking about a male human adventurer, too. The story is only a rough outline so far; we're still working on this. Our release schedule is one comic per Chopping Block, starting in one or two months. This depends on how fast we manage to establish the script and do some character sketches and the rest of the basic preparations.

We've only four people so far, and since all of us are doing other things, this will be a bit tough. We'd appreciate people with plot ideas, writers and of course artists interested in a manga-like comic to show up and help. We hope to set up a proper website about the project soon, with more precise information on storyline, character art and storyboard sketches. Until that is set up, just drop by in IRC and look out for alien, nowhere or zzorn. Usually we're around during the GMT +0200 day. If that's not really a good time for you, feel free to send your questions to the media mailing list.

Heh, now I'm finished and I even managed to finish some hours before the deadline. I bet I forgot something... Oh, right. I forgot the most important goal ComicForge has. We want to create this comic and have fun doing it. If the result is worth reading, great. If not, well, at least we had fun.

I'll finish my braindump now, and since you were reading all this till now -- you're still reading, aren't you? I hate talking to myself -- I'll repay you with a piece of concept art done for the first episode we're going to create. This is how I picture the female human warrior.

Thanks for dropping by and stay tuned for more news about ComicForge in the next issue of this marvelous newsletter.