Cover art by Valerie A. Valusek

Welcome to another issue of the Chopping Block!  This issue has some exciting new sections.  First, there is a Meeting Summary section, with all the latest Meeting Summaries (stating the obvious).  Then, there is a Short Features section, intended to showcase shorter articles that normally would have to be stretched.  (This means that anyone who complained that writing an article was too hard have no excuse, and should be writing lots of Short Features!  So watch out!)  Last, we have the Ask the Chopping Block section, a place where a single question will be answered by a Worldforgian Expert on the given topic.

This issue is also jam packed full of other goodies!  The spectacular cover art was produced by Valerie A. Valusek -- known on IRC as SherwoodSpirit.  I believe she still has the original up for sale!  A wonderful Concept Art special feature has been produced by Zzorn, Alien, and Halsted.  Bryce has submitted more information about Eidetic and how it uses Junction tables for Many-to-Many relationships.  Zzorn has been incredibly busy producing wonderful Concept documents about Worldforge Editing Tools, inside there are three articles on these tools with hopefully more to come!  Zzorn has also been inking artwork and offers hints to prospective artist on his methods.  GO ZZORN!

Well, that's all from me, this is Mithro signing out.