Cyphesis Server

Al has been busy getting Cyphesis all shiny and ready for the Mason release:


Damien has been responding to the Client coders whip-cracking with some very cool changes:


Compliance cleanup and build file maintenance seems to be the order of the day for Dime this month:


Ron and Al have been busy cleaning uclient up and whipping it into shape:


gfire reports in Mist's history file:

First of all little bug fix into server room. It no longer connects to server if there are insufficient parameters. It also fills port 6767 if there is no port speficied. It also trims name of the server.

I added scenegraph structure. This is major change to gl4java plugin. There are still some problems because eris-java has bugs. Initial loading of entites doesn't yet work correctly. So you must wander around a bit to get entities appear.

There is now BoundingBoxe of each entity shown.

Movement is still crappy and I am working on prediction. Prediction is now better but it assumes that movement speed (velocity) is constant between server updates. This causes some complications with stage. It uses accelerations and speed doesn't seem to be constant. You can see heavy drifting of entities after movement.





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