House building in the Glitterdark forest
Cover art by Alien (drawing) and Zzorn (coloring)

Well, better late than never. The November issue of The Chopping Block finally comes to fruition. In this issue we have MASON! MASON! MASON! The kick off for the development of Mason began earlier this month. We have some articles written by Bryce describing various startup type things Mason is doing.

Also, we have a plethora of fictional works this month. One continuing story by Malkin called The Magistrate's Daughter. The two others are short stories by Rykard and Cyanide. I'm sure you'll find them all enjoyable! I did!

We also have some other practical articles. One from Bryce further explaining what the heck Eidetic is. A short white paper from Rykard describing Vestri--his newest project. Also, another white paper from smkl giving treatise on how one might go about AI scripting. Lastly, we have a write-up from Chord detailing what were found to be the requirements for the project's website.

Well, that's about it. I hope you enjoy it. A special thanks to Alien and Zzorn who whipped up this kick ass cover art in THREE DAYS! One thing I'll say. Mithro is a beast for doing this on time every month. This is hard! Anyways, this is Grimicus signing off!