WorldStart Picture
Cover art by Val (text by Doug)

Well another Chopping Block is out! This issue is packed full of meeting summaries thanks to Lee and the Worlds crew.

The two main features in this issue are a Project Summary by Cyanide and an Article on Lagrangian Mechanics by rsteinke (useful for writing physics engines!).

There is also a wonderful story by nowhere. (Everyone needs to prod him so he gives us another one for the next Chopping Block! :).

As well there are 2 new white papers a HUGE load of announcements.

The "Ask Chopping Block" section has been discontinued because of a lack of interested. I didn't receive any emails asking questions, not even a single one!

The reason no Chopping Block was out last month was the lack of stuff to put in it! Everyone PLEASE submit anything that you feel could be interesting to other Worldforgians and the outside world! White papers are very welcome, fictional stories are also very highly welcome! If it's readable submit it, I haven't had anything of such low quality that I've had to reject it yet!

Anyway hope you enjoy this months Chopping Block!