Worlds/Dural Meeting

03/05/2002 +2100GMT

Summary by Lee Begg

Length: about one hour

Ultra short summary: Things are rolling along (at last).

This weeks instrument: recorder



  1. Source file format
  2. Build processes
  3. Moraf review

  1. Source file format

    At previous meetings plain html, or limited html was discussed, but no decision had come. At the meeting we did not make any decission because zzorn was not there to talk about the the format we though he might be working on.

  2. Build processes

    Noone at the meeting knew how the new website builds the site, so we were restricted to the Duralsaur. The probable build process it the following:

    • images converted to eps
    • txt (really like html) file converted to tex (by a script to be written)
    • master tex files (each one defines one book) is run texi2dvi (includes the tex files into the master).
    • dvips on the dvi files
    • pspdf on the ps files

    There would be a few latex files (tex files) in duralsaur, which would be the master files.

  3. Moraf review

    This was done after the meeting and will be a separate email. Lee quickly made an html file with the various sources highlighted.

Next Meeting: 2100 GMT, #worlds, 10 May 2002.

If you are interested in helping with world design, please join the world@ mailing list, join #worlds on IRC and/or send me an email.