Worlds/Dural Meeting

27/04/2002 +2100GMT

Summary by Lee Begg

Length: about one hour and a quarter

The meeting was held 24 hours after it should have been, due to DNS problems.

Ultra short summary: Action stations!

This weeks instrument: triangle


Present: Agenda:
  1. CVS structure status
  2. Quick review of Moraf
  3. Auto-generation tools

  1. CVS structure status

    The new CVS structure is now on the CVS server. There are a few things in the structure that have not been done yet, and will be done as it becomes necessary. The old docs have been moved to where they should be, or close.

  2. Quick review of Moraf

    We are going to have reviews of docs in the CVS, to add polish and fill in gaps in the docs. We will start with some of the Moraf docs shortly. The end goal of reviewing Moraf would be to produce its chapter of the Duralsaur and pages on the new website, and help define the tools we need.

  3. Auto-generation tools

    There was quite a discussion about Template Toolkit, and other things relating to the generation of the website and the Duralsaur. There is still some uncertainity, and we will be working through the issues in the comming weeks.

Next Meeting: 2100 GMT, #worlds, 3 May 2002.

If you are interested in helping with world design, please join the world@ mailing list, join #worlds on IRC and/or send me an email.