Worlds/Dural Meeting

19/04/2002 +2100GMT

Summary by Lee Begg

Length: about one hour

Ultra short summary:

This weeks instrument: some drums


  1. CVS structure
  2. Latex

  1. CVS structure

    Most people felt that the CVS structure posted was suitable. It is not the final version yet. Each city or area of interest can have it's own subdirectory of the world area's directory. Some of the naming will be confirmed in a follow-up.

  2. Latex

    Gnoll has been having problems with latex (working of Castle document), and as yet hasn't solved it. This led to talking about the file formats for the worlds documents, particturaly about how to work the website and the duralsaur together. Questions were raise about the website generation for the CVS and if it was working. The source documents for the website and the duralsaur will probably be in a strict html with only a few tags (<p>, <b>, <i>, <ul>, <ol>, <br>, <h3-h5>, <li>, <a> and <img> are the probable ones). More work will be done on this as we get closer to needing it. A perl script (or simmilar) will be needed to convert from the strict html to latex.

Next Meeting: same time, same place, next week (probably, tbc).

If you are interested in helping with world design, please join the world@ mailing list, join #worlds on IRC and/or send me an email.