Worlds/Dural Meeting

12/04/2002 +2100 GMT

Summary by Lee (Lee Begg)

Length: about one hour.

Ultra short summary: Time to start moving


  1. Worlds structure and CVS structure
  2. Focus (Where are we going to develop the most?)
  3. Other issues

  1. Worlds structure and CVS structure

    It was noted that the worlds structure is almost in it's final form and the CVS structure could be started. The CVS structure would be "flatter" (less sub directories) than the Worlds section structure.

    A follow-up will be posted this week with the CVS structure (by Lee)

  2. Focus

    The main focus of the worlds team will be on Moraf, as it is used in Mason. Team members can work on other areas as well. The focus will slowly broaden to cover the areas around it, including (but not limited to) Ardmor, Sarnak, Draykin, Denar, Falklow and Qethai Reef.

    Thanks was recorded for Uta for choosing to convert the Cambia pages to the History of Cambia.

  3. Other Issues

    We are still waiting for a/the new map format. It was suggested that we start making SVG maps, and a howto for it.

    People are welcome to raise other issues (or any issues at all related to worlds) on the worlds mailing list.

Next Meeting: same time, same place, next week (probably, tbc).

If you are interested in helping with world design, please join the world@ mailing list, join #worlds on IRC and/or send me an email.