WarForge, the Begining of an End

by Douglas Walsh

Where should I start? WarForge, in general, is going to be an Real Time Strategy(RTS) game. WarForge is also based off of the ideas of WarCraft. It will contain many things that WarCraft lacked. Such things as being able to play on a server, more races, personal scripts, non-tile movement, many teaming options, more units, and much, much more.

What I plan to get out of creating this game is a free online RTS game that I think many gamers would love to play. The reason for doing this is because I've always loved WarCraft and I know so many other people that feel the same way. But WarCraft is now out dated and I for one would love to continue on with its legacy for being and make a new and improved RTS game based off of how it works. Originally I was going to work on a project that had already been started. I searched and searched the internet, but I found nothing. The only project that I found was a joke about a WarCraft game under developement, called "Beercraft".

WarForge is directly related to WorldForge because it's running off of the WorldForge engine. This also helps because I don't have any direct coders for the WarForge team and I'm getting help indirectly.

The project is coming along quite well in my opinion. Right now I'm getting the basic races together and how they will be working. Currently the races that are being planned out are the humans, elves, dragons, and undead. Each race having their own unique stats and abilities. The humans being a moderate race. The elves being good at long distance, but a lack in armor. The dragons being small in numbers but powerful in strength. The undead moderate in stats, but with a totally different set up than that of the humans. I've also done several graphics for the units in the game. Such units I've made pictures for so far are the hatchlings (small dragons ), red dragons, human peasants, human footmen, skeletons, and the Elven archers.

There is still much to do and I have many plans for the future. I have to get most of the rules for the game down and start listing options. I also have to finish off planning out all of the races, which should take a great deal of time. But, there is also much more work that is needed to be done. If any of you out there would like to help me out on my currently one man crusade, sign up by clicking here.