2D Art Status

by Tom Austin

Most of the attention of the 2D artist has been focused on adding detail to support the realms described on the dural/gazetteer pages.

Uta has been very busy creating banners and maps for the different areas of Cambria. Check out the pages.

Each city has a banner. Summerset is complete with a beautifully detailed map. The city is broken down into quarters each with its own map.

I have been working on adding detail to the areas of the Dark Vale and the city of Sentigen. He has added 2 drawing to support set the tone for the Dark Vale with images of its Deamonic inhabitants. Check out the Deamon skull, and the deamon lord.

The promised map for Sentigen is quite overdue but I have managed to put up a couple of drawings for structures that will eventually find their way into the city. There is a drawing of a temple and another of a small watermill.

Uta Also added a new page to media. The Portrait Gallery is a place where you can view the latest character portraits. Uta started things off with her drawings 'young javelin thrower' and 'mysterious stranger'. Not to be out done Johnny Taporg has included his fine renderings, 'viking warrior' and 'flirty lass', Tom Austin has added his 'orc warrior', and Inti Orozco his 'Sword Knight'.