WorldStart Picture
Cover art by Doug

Well here is another issue of the Chopping Block, cram packed with lots of goodies for all you people out there!

A BIG thank you goes to Doug who produced the cover art for this issue on very short notice while he was feeling ill! Three cheers to Doug!

In this issue there is a large set of special features, these have been taken directly from Bryce's posts to the mailing lists and help explain what/who/how Worldforge is/does/will work. These are an interesting read and are highly recommended.

As well there are our normal set of high quality articles, these include articles on Media, World Development and the new "Kings Feast" project (which is designed to allow and help people to learn C++).

The announcements section includes recent releases of COAL (a map handling library) and Dime (a promising new client).

Finally there is the Ask the Chopping Block which this month dives deep into licensing issue in a simple to understand set of information from Novalis

Overall this is one packed issue, hope you all enjoy it!