World Development Plan

This was taken from "[WF-World] Development Plan, meetings, etc (meeting follow-up #1)" posted on "05 Mar 2002 00:56:45 +1300" by Lee Begg

Right, as metioned in the meeting summary, here is the first of the follow-ups.


It 2100 hrs GMT Fridays a good time? Should it be moved? Was the length about right? Too long? Too short?

If there are no complaints, this weeks meeting will be same place, same time.

World Area Sections

We need some standard format for the layout of docs and the like. The old site is like this:


There is little standardisation under each country, but the basic format is:


Is there anything else? Would this be a good standard? Should it be changed slightly or replaced?

I think this is fairly close to what we need and want.

World development for Mason

Hopefully, members of the Mason development team should be able to tell us soon. Please mention so here.

World Areas to focus on

Which areas should be focus on? Moraf, Cambria (or what's left of it) and the Dunes of Syllus are obvious (as they are Mason, Acorn and Sands of Syllus, respectfully), but was else? Should we focus mainly in the central area (ie or maybe the areas just to the north?

Who here is/was working on an area of Dural? Which areas?

I am working on the Isles of Eli (the Island group just to the west of central Dural) (which will also be browered and used in Archipelago).

More follow-up topics to come, probably one a day for the rest of the week, but please do reply and state you're opinons. This is going to be a team effort.

Feel free to bring up other topics, but the following will come up later: CVS, Duralsaur, tools, and anything you ask to be brought up.

Later Lee

Acting Worlds Coordinator