On WorldForge's Media Approach

It has always been our strategy to be neutral with respect to game representation (2D iso, 3D, text...) but we arrived at this as a compromise between what we wanted to do and what we could do. We feel that this is still a viable approach, however we recognize that since so many games are 3D, it would be to our own detriment to not place primary emphasis on that area, especially when we recognize that even 2D games benefit by use of 3D models. We should definitely not exclude 2D or text display, because those types of clients are generally easier to make, and provides a way for new developers to get involved with something simple.

Thus, our core objectives will be inclusive of a plurality of different styles of content, though individual games in our core plan may only implement one style (we probably will never have a 3D version of Acorn, for example). Smaller, side projects are not beholden to this philosophy, though, and can explicitly focus on 2D-only or 3D-only approaches.