Ptah Status

Back when Bryce was compiling a project wide status report he told me that people were asking about Ptah and that it would be nice to hear some status on it and while the changes may be difficult to point a finger at a lot is changing under the hood. If your familiar at all with Ptah development you've probably heard that before. :-) I decided a few months ago that the project needed to be more focused. I created a battleplan for Ptah which included 5 alpha (or sub-alpha even) releases, and put the plan and a download section on the website. After 3 releases and some luke warm feedback, I'm beginning to think that Ptah is not what a lot of people are expecting.
Not a bad editor just misunderstood.
I'd like to clarify what I'm shooting for with Ptah, first by stating what it isn't:
Even though I'd like to support Mason in it's early development, Ptah will probably be more useful later on. Once some of WF's technologies mature, and content becomes a real focus, I'd like for Ptah to be a tool that enables a lot of non-technical folks to contribute what's in their imaginations.
The Battle Plan
For a general indicator of where Ptah is try the Ptah Battle Plan. Of course the battle plan is a little on the skeletal side. You'll have to download and play with it for a while to get a fuller understanding. You can do that from the same page which is Ptah Battle Plan in case you forgot. I didn't do a screen shot for this status but this one, an early version of moraf.xml is fairly recent. I haven't had many people comment on the Linux version, and I highly recommend the static RPM. Note that Ptah development is currently stuck behind Phase III, because of difficulties we're having getting BLADE to support hierarchies. Expect some head-way on Phases IV and V in the interim.

Phase I - Geometry

Phase II - Textures

Phase III - Hierarchy Phase IV - Objects Phase V - Information Call it version 1.0

Note that by Version 1.0 I'm not really implying a complete application. Just one that touches on everything I think is needed for a first pass. If everything goes as planned users of Ptah version 1.0 should be able to cobble together a fairly complete environment for World Forge servers.

by Brent Bartels