MUSE Status Report (as of 2002-02-27)

I think I had better give a quick status report on Muse, as of right now.

The "small" classes (Bundle_data, Package_data and Download) are fine and should work for the most part. More data needs to be added to the *_data classes yet.

The two smartpointers work fine, afaik (Bundle and Package).

The Muse class is a problem. It is getting very complicated, very fast. So, even though i'm only about 10% in this class, i'm redesigning it. I am/was having trouble with formats and how to search on all the data, etc. Should be fixed in the new version. Probably first pass finish is 3 weeks.

As a side note, there are no programmes using Muse yet, which is partly a good thing (lets me rewrite without problem) and partly a bad thing (no feedback). I will look into making a simple Media server browser at some stage (probably KDE2/QT), and defining the package format soon.

Just FYI

Later Lee