The King's Feast

By nowhere

"No, no, no! You've ruined the dish!" You shove away your totally incompetent assistant cook and take the pan yourself. "How am I supposed to create a magnificient dinner for the Earl and his guests when I have to peel the potatoes myself because you're too stupid?"
Rushing back and forth in the kitchen, you try to do everything in parallel. And somehow, you manage. Just as a servant enters to tell you the guests have arrived, you have finished the entrée. Smiling, you notice that this time, you certainly will impress the king's brother. Not that Earl Malcolmson's kitchen was bad, but there was only one kitchen for you to be in. The king's kitchen. And you would get there, sooner or later.

What is "The King's Feast"?

The King's Feast is more than just a game. It's a project to create a game and to document the process. This will show new developers how to create a game using the Worldforge infrastructure and what caveats exist.
But still, it is going to be a game about cooking. It will enable the players to design fantastic meals with reciepes given by the game or invented by themselves. The game will use a neural network architecture to decide if one of your guests likes the food or not, so you can create any dish you like, provided the guests like it.

But it's not finished yet?

No. The quest to create the best (first?) cooking game ever has just begun. If you know some basics about object oriented programming and C++, feel free to join. If you don't, also join. We need people to help with rule design, game design etc.
So, if you have some time to spare, subscribe to the cpptraining list and say hello. It's perfectly fine to say hi, too.
Have a look at The King's Feast project page. It lists the tasks that need to be done.

I don't know anything about C++. May I still help?

Sure. We need reciepes help with rule and game design. Have a look at The King's Feast project page. You'll find a task list there. The non-coding tasks will contain something you can do, I'm certain.

Neural nets? What's that?

A neural net (in our case) is a program that tries to imitate the brain in making decisions. It can learn how to decide by being presented some inputs and desired outputs. One of our nets will look like this:

You want to do a neural net with newbies? Are you guys crazy?

Yes, we do and no, most of us are not ;). Neural nets are a nice way of showing how to use object oriented programming and why it is good to do it. Most programs I have seen in books are too small to show the advantages of OOP.