COAL 0.3.4 Released!

I just tagged and bumped COAL for the 0.3.4 release (cvs tag COAL_0_3_4), as a checkpoint before we start major revision on the BLADE XML format. From the NEWS file:

Cut new release. Includes some nice revisions from Brent and Aric, including a new XML loading class (no more libxml2!) and some reworking of the component structure. 0.3.4 has a few minor tweaks to the BLADE format, mostly with the parent tag. Version 0.3.5 will have a much broader BLADE XML revision.

We'll probably wait until at least 0.3.6 to do the WFMath port.


New Media Coordinator!

The media team has reached complete concensus on the choice for the new media coordinator. All three candidates were felt to be almost equally well qualified, and many people expressed the view that any of the three would do the job very well.

After careful review of the candidates and some discussion, the team felt that a choice was clear. Please join the media team in inviting Pato to be the new WorldForge Media Coordinator! :-)

Here is a synopsis of some of the discussions and criteria that the media team identified in making its choice:

  1. Amount of history with the project, a reliable presence on irc and the mailing lists, and evidence of past coordinator-ish contributions (documents, meetings, guidelines...) Pato has been a long time project participant, and has long been a very accessable contact for helping new developers get started with the project.
  2. The media coordinator should be focused first on helping the other artists do their work well, and second on doing art themselves. Focusing too much on just one aspect or the other is not going to work well. In order to do this, the coordinator should keep updated a list of what must be done, speak with people, give them feedback about their work, etc. Pato has shown a good balance of providing guidance to other developers and doing development himself.
  3. Documentation is also identified as a *major* responsibility for the person in this role. An ample amount of documentation has been generated so far, but we need to organize it, make sure it's consistent, and ensure it's easily understandable and readable by new developers. Pato's newbie documentation has been one of the best examples of a well maintained, high-visibility piece of documentation and thus the team has ample confidence in his ability to fulfil this requirement with beauty.
  4. People placed a good deal of attention on each candidate's plan, since that will set the stage for our media development over the coming years. All three candidates had good plans, though Pato's was felt to be
  5. While no one identified quality of art as being a critical judgement criteria for the media coordinator, it was important that the coordinator have a thorough understanding of it and be able to contribute work themselves, since often setting an example can be the best way to lead. Awareness of music coordinational needs was important, since in the past this has not been one of our strengths. Pato's background is well rounded; he's contributed a wide range of media to WF, including 2D and 3D, and has even done some music recording.

With that, let me present Pato with his very own Gavel of Coordination and turn the floor over to him. :-)


Dime 0.1.0 released

Hello all,

Dime version 0.1.0, also known as "black/empty window producing suprious events in a console", has been released.

It contains our current work up until now, which is a basic framework, some services, and an application that starts but doesn't do anything.

A CVS tag named "dime_0_1_0" was created in forge/clients/dime/. There are no binary or source distributions for this release.

The next iteration, 0.1.1, is planned for 2002-03-16 and contains the following tasks:

More details about it can be found in the Dime Tasks and Project Plan document:

Dime is an effort to build a modularized WF client. It is currently in early stages of development. More information about it can be found at:

Hans Häggström (aka zzorn)