Worlds/Dural Meeting

Summary by Acting Worlds Coordinator, Lee Begg

When: 01/03/2002 2100GMT
Lenght: just under 2 hours (1:45 approx)
Ultra short summary: Kickstart meeting for world (Dural) development version 2



  1. Discussion of what has stopped world development
  2. A quick look at tools, current and required
  3. The Duralsaur, the Dural world book (what we should/might create)
  4. Current Dural website and information (what already exists)
  5. Development plan
  6. CVS

  1. Discussion of what has stopped world development A number of points came forward, with three major ones.
    1. lack of feedback (cannot see development in game world)
    2. lack of information access (too hard to find docs)
    3. lack of new areas to work on (no "blank sheet" areas)
    Some of the other points are: neglect, the world seemed pretty well developed already but the part that needed development was the servers and clients, no (good) tool (yet) for map editing. The subject of focus was brought up and will be summarised futher down.

  2. A quick look at tools, current and required A large list of tools that are needed for world development (of which some already exist) was created and some requirements were discussed. The list of tool will be discussed on world@ this week and a final list and request tracker tickets will be created and posted.

  3. The Duralsaur, the Dural world book (what we should/might create) Late in 1999 is was suggested that there should be a single document for Dural, a world book, containing information about it's evironment, countries and peoples. The Duralsaur was the name given to it, it was never started (afaik). It was asked if this should be a main product of world development. Most responses were mixed, it's a good idea but too hard or shouldn't be a main focus. Several ways of producing the book were talked about, with LaTeX and a database as favorites. Lee had already produced a test duralsuar in LaTeX (available at and source at Bryce's structured text as used in the Circe rules book was mentioned as a posible format aswell.

  4. Current Dural website and information (what already exists) There was some discussion rearrange the Dural section and standardising the different sections. There was also quite a bit of discussion about Uta's work, particularly about Cambria. The decission is to respect Uta's request and make Cambria the Ruins of Cambria (due to an earthquake). It will provide a very lush and detailed background and history of whatever springs up in it's place.

  5. Development plan It didn't take much to enumerate the tasks that need doing shortly. They are as follows:
    1. plan the next meeting
    2. figure out the development plan
    3. identify world area sections (history, etc), and database needs could be done at some stage
    4. identify what world areas to focus on
    5. write guide to world development
    6. determine what world development is needed for Mason
    Some of these will be discussed this week on world@ (and in #worlds), others Lee will do and post to the mailing list.

  6. CVS The possiblity of using CVS to hold world development files was mooted, with little response. Something to be looked into sometime in the future.

Some side points

malcolm: 500x500 is the maximum for uclient
This should not be taken as the limit for the size of a map a world developer can create

Alien: (on the Duralsaur) Mainly a beacon far ahead driving people in a similar direction
I definitely agree with this, but...

darth_schmoo: It's certainly not something that will ever be finished.
This is not true. As I say in the (Acting) Coordinators Welcome in the test Duralsaur (link is above), it will be an evolving book, constantly changing.

Something that didn't come up was the map format. We (as a project) need to do something in this area soon.

Next Meeting: same time, same place, next week (probably, tbc)

If you are interested in helping with world design, please join the world@ mailing list, join #worlds on IRC or send me an email