Mason Implementation Meeting Summary

Summary by Malcolm
Date: 18 May 2002

The implementation of Mason 0.0.2 is divided into two parts: Code requirements and media requirements.

Code requirements are approximately 90% complete. Atlas and Cyphesis have been pre-released. UClient will be frozen, and stabilized over the next two weeks or so.

After the release we will merge the Mason branch of Uclient back into the CVS head. Features due for the release are a nonblocking metaserver query and XML maploader. (The latter is coded, but not thoroughly tested.)

There is still a lot of required media to be added to the Mason resource pool. We have decided to go with a fairly simple 400x400 map (constructed of four 200x200 maps). At the center of this map we will place a pavilion, and perhaps some trees and bushes (as media allows). The Pavilion will serve as a meeting point and repository for the first Mason players; shelter from the storm, as it were.

Tonight or tomorrow I will provide a snapshot tarball of libuta 0.4.2; uclient should function with the older libuta but the new one has anti-aliased fonts, and a few performance-related changes.