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Task Request

Could someone examine and test out the Open Content Network (OCN) and see if it would be usable for doing media serving for WorldForge games? A detailed description of what it can and cannot do would be helpful in allowing people to determine if it would be worthwhile to add support for it to clients, servers, and our media repository.

The concept for how this would fit in is: Media developers use Vestri & Eidetic/Media Repository to store/share/show/package their work. Periodically, the game media developers would select some of the media from the repository, officially version tag them, and release them to the media serving cluster/network (a collection of mirrors, which might be OCN). The game user would allow their client application to access this network and download the latest updates for the game they wish to play.

Among the questions that would need to be addressed by this study are:

  • When will OCN be available for use?
  • Are there size/bandwidth/etc. limits?
  • Does OCN restrict content based on license/usage/decency/etc.?
  • Would this system be more/less vulnerable to typical abuses (DoS, etc.)?
  • Are there latency/performance issues that'd make it unsuited to games?
  • Describe the interface for adding content to the network.
  • Describe the interface for getting content from the network.
  • Are there any built-in mechanisms for searching the network?
  • Contrast OCN with alternate solutions (e.g., freenet, sourceforge, etc.)
  • What other issues/features/thoughts do you notice?

This is entered into RT as Ticket #256.

Cyphesis Pre-Release

Cyphesis 0.1.90, also known as cyphesis-C++ to differentiate it from older python versions, has been released and is available from the WorldForge primary ftp site. This is the first test release of the server software for Mason 0.0.2.

Source tarballs are avaiable from the following ftp directory:

There have been vast numbers of changes since the last stable version, released for Acorn 0.4, bug fixes, performance improvements and new features. I encourage as many server maintainers as possible to test this version, so that everyone is well familiarised with it when Mason 0.0.2 is available, and as many as possible of the bugs and wrinkles have been ironed out. I no longer think that there is significant value to maintaining Acorn 0.4 servers, and would like to advocate replacing any remaining Acorn 0.4 servers with this version for testing.

Atlas-C++ Pre-Release

Atlas-C++ has been released and is now available from the primary WorldForge ftp site. This is a pre-release before 0.4.5, and is the first of a series of pre-releases and releases in the buildup to Mason 0.0.2.

The source tarballs are available from the following ftp directory:

This release is source, line and ABI compatable with previous 0.4 series releases, and contains only bug fixes and performance improvements. Active developers are encouraged to upgrade and thoroughly test this release.

Varconf 0.5.2

After discussion with James I've released a new version of varconf. It contains some bugfixes over 0.5.0. Please test it and report bugs as this will be one of the fundamental libs of Mason-0.0.2 as uclient and cyphesis-C++ depend on it.

For Debian users I've made new Debian packages of varconf. They can be installed via apt-get from the usual place.

WFmath 0.2.8

The WFmath 0.2.8 tarball is up on ftp. Thanks to man-di for getting it up there.

Sear 0.2.5 has been released!

Sear 0.2.5 has just been released. This release now includes a Win32 installer for the entire distribution.

New features include:

  • Halo effects around selected entity
  • Cursor changed depending upon action
  • Creation of different character types
  • Connection to server on different ports
  • Ability to change character and camera speeds
  • Improved object selection
  • Numerous bug fixes and changes