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<uta> Hello Shane.
<grover> Hi Uta!
<grover> Ok, ready for the ground rules?
<uta> ok, lets start a powerful session.
<uta> :)
<grover> First off, you may refuse to answer any question. This is not an inquisition. :)
<grover> Just say: "No comment", like a sleazy U.S. politician. :)
<uta> not ? I thought it would be. ;)
<uta> ok.
grover laughs
<grover> Second, this is all being logged. However, you can go 'off the record' anytime by just saying 'off the record...' and finishing your answer. I'll edit all of that out of the log before I post it.
<uta> ok, I think I have got it.
<grover> That way, if you need to, you can give me 'deep background' that will help my writeup but won't be available for public reading. :)
<grover> Excellent. Ready for the questions?
<uta> o.k. let's start
<grover> Ok! For the record, please state your name.
<uta> my full name is Uta Maria Rita Francoise Szymanek. :)))
uta/#interview whistling
<grover> Wow! Cool name.
<grover> I know you should never ask a woman this, but do you mind telling us your age? :)
<uta> well, just too long for every day life.
<uta> no comment
<uta> :)
<uta> perhaps, I will tell you later ...
<grover> Cool! Invoking the no comment rule! :)
<grover> Do you have to fill out a lot of forms with that long name, or do you shorten it?
<uta> I usually shorten my name to Uta Szymanek
<grover> And is there some history behind your name, or were your parents wordy?
<uta> , but I usually have to spell Szymanek...., because nobody understands it.
grover understands that, with the last name of Wickson.
<uta> the name originates from poland.
<uta> .... searching in the dictonary.
<grover> Take your time. If you need help understanding any of the questions, let me know.
<uta> my grandfather were a Czech and my grandmother came from france. ...
<uta> some history:
<uta> my mother's grandfather was a king's servant in germany. :)
<uta> (or something like that)
<grover> Very cool.
<uta> but my family has no real aristocratic background.
<grover> I see.
<grover> While we are on the subject of personal stuff, do you mind telling us your marital status?
<uta> well I'm unmarried, living alone ...
<uta> -alone by choice, not by destiny-
grover laughs.
uta/#interview laughs too
<grover> I like that. Does it bother you to live without a roommate? I ask because women in the US don't like to live alone, because of crime and such.
<uta> no, I don't fear being alone. Concerning crime... I am doing karate and much sports, like swimming, biking (to work also), ...
<uta> furthermore Kaiserslautern is a small town, we don't have much crime here.
<grover> Karate? What style are you studying?
<uta> hmm, I don't know what we are doing here at the university. Some years ago I did JuJutsu, but there is possibility to train it here in town, again. So I have started with Karate.
<uta> -no possibility-
<uta> so you can say that Karate is my second choice
<grover> Aha. You enjoyed JuJutsu more than Karate. Any specific reasons for that, or was it just a "personal" choice?
<uta> However I don't know whether Karate really would help in case of a crime... I can tell you a funny story:
grover loves funny stories...
<uta> a girlfriend, doing Karate as well, used an umbrella to beat the aggressor back.
<uta> I prefer JuJutsu, because it combines Karate, Judo and Aikido. So it is very manifold.
<grover> Ouch. I bet that hurt!
<uta> I think so, too.
<grover> JuJutsu is a very good art to study. Have you ever had to defend yourself with it?
<uta> some friends made jokes about it, that her grandmother might have done it as well in this way
grover laughs
<uta> no, I have never had to use it in reallife. I usually choose a good friend for exercises. :)
<grover> A good friend so if they get hurt, they will forgive you quicker? :)
uta/#interview laughs
<grover> :)
<grover> So, what do you do in real life besides attend university?
<uta> do you think someone could be angry on me at all ?
<grover> uta, I can't imagine someone getting angry at you. :)
<uta> oh, I'm not just studying Karate at the university....
<uta> I'm studying Food Chemistry, a really difficult and longlasting subject.
<uta> - in the last 5 years studying was a fulltime job, a rough 50 hours a week-
<grover> Wow. Pretty intense. How much longer will you be in school?
<uta> now I'm preparing the exams to finally finish it till end of the year
<uta> (I have made a break in my studying in order to earn some money)
<grover> Cool. How do you plan on earning money?
<uta> and now I can answer your question :
<uta> (your last question)
<uta> Besides university, sports and worldforge I work for a small firm, which operates in germany as well as in the US.
<uta> The people there work in a "american way" of working, I think...
<grover> Really?
<uta> they are much more friendly and not so bad mooded as the germans
grover chuckles
grover has a lot of family that came from Germany
<uta> An average german boss won't praise you if you have done something really good.
<uta> not even in 10 years, not in 20, never !
<uta> An aunt of mine envies me about me friendly boss.
<grover> A friendly boss is very important. So you really enjoy your job and workplace?
<uta> how are the germans, that you know.
<uta> yes, I really enjoy it. It is the best job, that i have ever had.
<grover> My grandmother was VERY german, although the family had lived here for several generations. She was not quick to praise. :)
<grover> But, this is your interview, so I shouldn't talk about me. :)
uta/#interview laughs out load
<uta> loud
<uta> ok.
<uta> The firm, Tecmath, developed animated 3d human computer models for the automobile and other industries
<uta> is developing
<grover> Wow. Do you do artistic work for them?
<uta> yes, at the moment I have taken over the job to redesign parts of their website.
<grover> Very cool. Did you study art in school, or was it a natural talent? Or both?
<uta> although this job has nothing to do with chemistry, it works well with me professional plans to combine chemistry and presentation.
<uta> I have in mind to work at a chemistry journal, perhaps.
<grover> So you are both artistic and science minded, then?
<uta> in school I took a main course in arts and my talent originates from both father and mother.
<grover> What do your parents do? Are they artists of some kind?
<uta> yes, both artistic and science. this causes much trouble, however, because it made it always hard for me to decide.
<grover> Those are two different worlds, are they not?
<uta> no, my father was a jurist and my mother was a nurse for babies
<uta> two worlds ? basically yes, but not to the extend one would expect: chemistrical compounds have a certain artistic aspect, as well.
<grover> Cool.
<grover> Most of us would agree that there is a great deal of "art" in the science world.
<uta> for both you need a certain degree of imagination
grover nods
<uta> something to add:
<uta> after school I have first decided to study graphics and design.
<uta> but after talking to an professional artist I thought, it would not make any fun.
<grover> Really? What did they tell you that didn't sound fun?
<uta> I'm not talking of the art here, but I mean the pressure under which you have to create art.
<uta> I feared to loose my creativity.
grover nods
<uta> however, I don't know, if that would have come true ....
<uta> the artist, which I have asked, described it all as horrible...
<uta> I made the experience, that if I have the time, I get so many ideas, so that I can't realize them all.
<uta> Obviously this is true for worldforge as well.
<uta> After being 5 years forced to be absent from doing art, the worldforge project gave me the chance to do art again for some time.
<grover> Is that what attracted you to the project?
<uta> no, not primary. I was happy to join a project, which supports linux.
<grover> So you are a Linux user?
<uta> Because linux is a system, which really convinces me more (- I really don't like Bill Gates and his ideas -)
<uta> yes, I am. I am proud to own a linux machine. :)
grover laughs
<grover> Not many people seem to like Bill these days. :)
<grover> What distribution of Linux do you run?
uta/#interview laughs
<uta> I have got a Mandrake 5.3 running.
<grover> Cool!
<uta> It looks nicer than redhat and it is more userfriendly...
grover has never used Mandrake
<uta> you can imagine, that this is really important for me, since I don't have the time to study computer science, too. :)
<grover> Yes I can! :)
<uta> It is enough for me, to have learned PASCAL at the university and to do some small java applets for webdesign.
grover nods
<grover> But you are very computer oriented, no?
<uta> yes... I know at lot of computer maniacs.
<uta> and many computer games enthutiastics... :)
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<grover> Doh!
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<uta> hello ? I had lost the connection ....
<grover> Hi! Good to have you back?
<grover> I mean, good to have you back!
<uta> yeah, ready for the next question.
grover wonders who messed with his punctutation keys
<grover> Ok, I was about to ask what your first WorldForge character was going to be like.
<uta> I prefer to be a ranger like character, with magic skills.
<grover> Any name for the character yet?
<uta> My character will originate from Cambria and will be a typical Cambrige. ( I really like celtic culture ) I haven't any name for her, yet.
<uta> obviously she will be a tough woman.
<grover> Very cool sounding character!
grover hopes he doesn't cross her in the game
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<grover> Doh again!
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<uta> hello .... have some problems here as it seems, what was the last answer you have got ?
<uta> and are you missing some answers from me ?
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<uta> grover, hello !!
<grover> The last answer I got from you was "obviously she will be a tough woman."
<grover> My response was "Very cool sounding character!"
<uta> <grover> Very cool sounding character!
<uta> grover hopes he doesn't cross her in the game
<uta> <uta> no fear, she won't use any umbrellas :)
<uta> <uta> and she will be really friendly sometimes, too.
<uta> <uta> you know, the cambriges are no germans. :)))
grover laughs!
<uta> <uta> grover ?
<uta> so you should be update to date :)
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<uta> hi again... I don't know what the problem is ... do you ?
<uta> shall we try to proceed in about an hour ?
>>> uta [~uta at meise251.wohnheim.uni-kl.de] requested PING 928774735 from grover
<grover> Lets try that. I've got another phone call...
<uta> damned, usually I don't have problems using irc.
<uta> ok, then we meet again in an hour .. :) 1800GMT
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<grover> Hi Uta!
<uta> grover, hello I'm back...
<grover> Are we ready to continue?
<uta> went away shopping, an cd discount had some special offers ...
<uta> ok, we are ready !
<grover> Cool! Speaking of CDs, what kind of music do you listen to.
<uta> I like Independant.
<uta> (or better: what is left over from it)
<grover> Explain the term "Independant". I'm unfamiliar with it.
<uta> Independant is the music, not being available from big music labels in the beginning.
<grover> Aha. So we are on the same page. I thought it was a music movement, like 'grundge'. :)
<uta> Now it has become on own style ...
<grover> Really?
grover needs to get out more often. :)
<uta> in fact independant covers different styles like grundge, wave, punk and gothic... and others (?)
<grover> Gotcha. So you lean towards heavier music?
<uta> independant is still existing I think: some bands offer their music only on the internet
<grover> Do you think that's going to be the future of music?
<uta> not only :)
<uta> I like the more melodic ones.
grover nods
<uta> you know: not the crash ones.
<grover> I get what you are saying.
<uta> my favorite band from the wave times is Bauhaus. (coming from england)
<grover> You would get along with my roommate James in that respect. His ICQ handle is 'Bauhaus'. :)
<uta> Peter Murphy, the lead singer, has publish some solo cds sounding a bit more poplike.
<uta> does he mean the band or the art style ?
<grover> I'm pretty sure the band. He's a Radio-TV-Film guy and very into music.
<grover> Ok, how about this question: Do you have any vices? Smoke, drink, etc.?
<uta> furthermore i like Dead Can Dance (sounding midevil)
<uta> and Kate Bush (though this is not Independant :), I know, but as I said, I do not only like Indie)
<grover> Hardly anyone likes only ONE kinda music.
<uta> smoking, no, only sometimes on parties, the same with drinking. Sometimes I like a good Guiness or an Irish Coffee.
<uta> hmm, I know some extreme people, who do like only one kind of music.
<grover> So you are social smoker/drinker. Sounds like a lot of my friends.
<uta> with these people you can't discuss about music.
<grover> Sorta like talking about religion and politics, no? :)
uta/#interview nods
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<grover> Can you hang on a sec? I have to take another business call.
grover hates business calls
<uta> ok, then
<uta> :)
<grover> Ok, I'm back.
<uta> BTW: I have just read an article a german magazine about Microsoft (is this a toilet paper?) forming an anti-linux-team, inspite linux is no "danger" for Windows NT. :)
<uta> Seems like Bill Gates is geting cold feet.
<uta> getting
<uta> ?
>>> uta [~uta at meise251.wohnheim.uni-kl.de] requested PING 928781045 from grover
<grover> That looks like the case. BG does that: ignores something, waffles, then performs an all out attack. :)
<uta> ok, I'll shut up and you may ask another question now... :)
grover laughs
<grover> I keep forgetting I'm doing an interview!
uta/#interview laughs, too
<uta> do I speak too much ?
<grover> Not at all. The more you talk, the better writeup I can do.
<grover> :)
<uta> :)
<grover> So, do you have a picture of yourself (or of your work) you want me to include in the writeup?
<uta> I have done several pictures called "Computer Art", or I may scan another photo from myself.
<uta> both ?
<grover> Either-or or both. Whatever you are comfortable with.
<uta> BTW. why do not put all others photos on their personal pages ? I would really like to know how you all look like.
<uta> Is it ok, if I send you the images tomorrow ?
<grover> Sure. You can email them to me, or send me links, or whatever.
<uta> ok.
<grover> Let's see, what have I not covered...
grover rummages through his notes...
<grover> Oh yeah!
<uta> ?
<grover> From the deep thinking department, where do you see yourself in 5 years?
<uta> upppss...
<grover> ?
<uta> I will have a job, into which I can put some idealistic concepts, I hope I will be more known as an artists.
grover nods
<uta> It is important to me, to have done some nice journeys to Ireland, England, America and perhaps Mauritius by then.
<grover> With you working for a multinational, you might be able to travel on business, no?
<uta> Hopefully I will be as active as I am in the moment. and perhaps have a lovely family in an environmental friendly house ... let me think for this a while - I have thought about this yet.
<uta> "for me the future is something not carved into stone"
<grover> Aha.
<grover> Keep thinking if necessary. It is not an easy question. :)
<uta> well all these are possibilities, I don't know what will happen.
<grover> Of course.
<uta> I feel one should not trust on the plans one does for the future to be become true.
<grover> A very wise attitude.
<uta> The most important for me, is that the things I do today make sense for me and I hope that they will still do this in the next years.
<uta> Finally, I life in the present, neither in the past nor in the future.
<grover> Once again, very wise. Of all the things you've done in life, of what are you most proud?
<uta> hmm, I must think it over - now the hard questions arise !
<uta> :)
<grover> Yes, I hit the 'deep thoughts' section of questions. :)
<uta> I'm proud not on a special thing, but on the fact, that I didn't give up in situations where it was hard to go on.
<grover> You have persevered?
<uta> yes, I think. :)
<grover> :)
<uta> some friends called my a bit rebellious. :)
grover laughs out loud.
<grover> How about an easier question: do you have any pets?
<uta> I like cats and I do have one, called Tom.
<grover> What's Tom like?
<uta> Tom is an wise old tom cat.
<grover> Very laid back, I'd assume?
<uta> He is very picky about friendship and has his own head.
<grover> :)
<uta> However if he likes someone, one has no chance to deprieve of him
<uta> He usually "threatens" you to stroke him.
grover laughs
uta/#interview thinks about being Tom's servant ?
grover laughs again
<grover> I'm sure Tom would agree to that.
uta/#interview laughs out loud
<uta> That's what I like on cats, they have their own will, more than a dog.
<grover> Very rebellious animals, you think?
<uta> and they are a little more elegant; I really enjoy observing them
<uta> rebellious, yes they can be. Especially in warm summer nights, when the house door is shut and they want to go out. MIAUUU !!! :)
<grover> LOL!
<uta> making an interview is fun :)
<grover> It very well can be. That, and you get to know people, which is why I like to do it.
<grover> Well, I'm about out of questions for you, Uta. You have anything you'd like to add?
<uta> no, I don't have anything at the moment... I think we have talked for a long time now ..
<uta> :)
<grover> I think we are about done. :)
<uta> ok.
<grover> Thank you for your time Uta. It was a wonderful interview
<uta> I have enjoyed, too. :)
<grover> I promise I'll be kind in the writeup. :)
<uta> I expect you to do so. :)
<grover> Or you'll sick the ranger on me when we get WF running. :)
<uta> ok, then. Goodbye, I'm leaving ...
<grover> Take care, Uta.
<uta> Hehe !
<uta> Goodbye.
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