by Florian Finkenzeller

This issue took a long time, I admit it, but it has finally arrived and I certainly hope you will enjoy reading it. Unfortunately the summer (I suspect) and my long absence during the last month have taken their toll on the volume of this issue and the e-mail version contains ?only? about 630 lines of high quality articles.

Bryce proves to be the most constant contributor to this newsletter by having submitted two articles: A status report which is recommended reading for newbies and veterans alike and an article on STAGE which explains its purpose in layman terms for non-coders. Jake journeyed through the lands and investigated vampire legends for us. A guest contributor from the University of Lybaras has included a fragment of what seems to be an old legend from the ancient times of Relia and Delusion has compiled an overview of the concept of Dural?s gods.

Thanks to Chord the website version of this newletter will be better than those of the first two which I assembled rather in a hurry.