"The Barren Winds of Oblivion"

by Delusion

"Why did we agree to this meeting anyway?" Darius didn't have to ask the question, he knew the answer already, but he wanted to break the uneasy silence that seemed to have befallen the unlikely duo. This was their third day travelling south from Draykin. It was cold, damp, miserable, but at least they hadn't killed each other yet, which is better then what he had first thought.

"You know why! Do I have to remind you who called for us?" Thomas, Brother Thomas really, did have a point. Baron Winter had called for them. He had given each of them instructions to meet and travel south as fast as possible.

"Come on, let's just get thus over with. I have duties at the church that I must attend to. I would rather be in the warmth of the temple, and Mystal's arms, then out here in the cold with you." It was a cold day, and the morning fog was, only now, starting its retreat back into the mountains. The God of Magic's temple would be a nice haven from this weather.

Lightning crashed in the background.

"Just a little farther and" The thought hung, unfinished, in the air like an axe waiting to fall. A sudden noise caused Darius to turn, just in time to see a specter - the incarnation of Oblivion - begin to devour Thomas.

"By Mystal" muttered Darius as three more dark monstrous beings of evil appeared between him and Thomas and began to approach him. They never had a chance to take another step after the first. Their faces began to contort in unnatural ways, much like their previous victims no doubt. Racked with agony, their faces seemed a faucet for the pain they had collected within themselves. Slowly they seemed to disintegrate, sinking into the mists that receded more quickly now into the deep crevasses of the mountains.

A darker figure stood in place of the mist now. He was cloaked in what could be mistaken for pure shadow, like that of night. He approached slowly, gliding effortlessly over the rocky terrain. He almost seemed to pass thought all that stood in his way. He stopped as he reached Thomas, turning to take account of his situation.

"What do you want?" called Darius. With the figures attention focused on Thomas, Darius took the opportunity to quickly draw his sword from its sheath and dropped one of the knives from his sleeve into his other waiting hand.

A dark, light absorbing, stream of energy began flowing from the figure above Thomas and stopped as quickly as it had begun. With that completed, the figure seemed to renew its interest in Darius.

"What have you done to him?" he demanded, but there was no response. The figure stopped short of Darius. Baron Winter cast back the hood of his cloak which had concealed his face and spoke;

"The Darkness is coming"