by Florian Finkenzeller

The month of July was both a busy and a successful month for our project. Not only did we have a chance to present our work on Europe's largest Linux expo, the LinuxTag in Kaiserslautern, Germany, but we have also made enormous advancements concerning our goals and thus are headed directly towards The Demo.

Some of the most notable improvements on our code base are the feature freeze on QServer2 which is now in bug-testing (see NewsFlashes for a list of current servers), the ongoing development of UClient, which will certainly be ready to handle The Demo, and the increased work done on clients like GNOME Anvil or MisticXClient.

And though there is currently a bit of a lull in Dural's development, not only the coders are at work, but almost everyone is engaged in the ongoing efforts to prepare the website, the project's documentation and the overall infrastructure for new developers which will be joining our ranks in great numbers after the announcement on Slashdot.

These developments are mirrored partly in this issue of The Chopping Block, which does not only feature Uta's and Karsten's article on what was going on at the LinuxTag, but also provides us with insightful articles on the peer system for WorldForge's clients and servers and the Circe ruleset. In addition this issue contains an update on Atlas development and last but not least something fictional, "The Barren Winds of Oblivion" from Delusion.

And finally just before this issue was finished news reached us that the long delayed logo contest has come to an end and through our own channels we were able to obtain the results of the contest for you. Please refer to the Newsflashes at once if you want to know which logos will from now on represent WorldForge.

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to submit an article and helped making this issue worthwhile and hope that everyone enjoys reading this issue as much as I did.