Reviving ComicForge

Kai Blin

It's still kicking! Sadly Alien, the ComicForge coordinator, seems to be missing in action. This somewhat made the project halt before it got started.

But somehow, somewhere during a World Development Group meeting I had the idea to combine our "Quest for Moraf Media" with something fun. As I am one of the few illustrators WorldForge has right now, I was going to do Moraf artwork anyway, but I hate doing artwork without a story behind it.

Along with illustrating some fictional stories, I needed something else to challenge my creativity.

Our old plot was playing in the Sands of Syllus setting, a WorldForge game yet to come, so it wasn't usable. Also Alien was doing the character art and our styles differ. In addition I hope that Alien just had to beam home for some urgent alien matter and will return anytime soon, maybe even bringing Elvis with him.

Er, on a second thought, not bringing Elvis :).

Thus, a new set of characters had to be designed. As I tend to be as lazy as possible ( yeah, right ), I decided to use the group of adventurers I had send into Glitterdark Forest in my fictional feature in a Chopping Block issue last year. I already had a pretty good idea who they were, and what they wanted in Moraf ( apart from saving helpless dragons from fire-breathing virgins and other adventurely stuff like that ). Now I just needed to focus on what our main characters look like.

Oh right, and work on some plot line. I hope to get a picture of every of the main characters into the next Chopping Block and to get started with the comic in the issue after that.

Since I can't deliver any eye candy for this issue, I will at least introduce our adventurers in brief:

Arcadia <fill in last name here>, the warrioress.
She joined the party because service to her goddess Aruna is fighting, especially against hopeless odds. This is how she got to know Midir (see below) whom she rescued as he was attacked by a whole clan of ogres. She was raised by a group of nuns of Aruna ( Don't mistake them for average nuns. Most people who do loose some important body parts. ) She never goes anywhere without Firestorm and Thunderbolt, her trusty sabers. Whole legends rank around those weapons, but maybe I will get to tell some of them at a later time.

Drombosh, Duglim's son.
He is one of Midir's old friends, and well.. a dwarf. Both Drombosh and Midir refuse to answer questions on how they got to know each other, but there are some interesting rumors around, I can tell you. Drombosh likes gold, preferredly in it's liquid incarnation: beer. If he's not on some dangerous adventure with Midir, he most likely is in a bar. He also tries to combine his two hobbies as often as possible. Not that you'd think he is an alcoholic though. He is a quite respectable dwarf who knows when to stop drinking. He claims that he never had been drunk since his coming to age. ( You can as well believe that, as the dwarfish definition of drunk is not to be able to lie on the floor without holding on to something.)

Midir <fill in last name>, the wizard.
He is a young member of the wizard order of <fill in name of wizard city>. He is always busy researching new spells and potions that he can use to write a famous book about wizardry in order to be accepted into the order of Merlin, a kind of inner circle of wizards. Bored by research at his desk, he decided to set out on adventures to gather ingredients for his potions and to find some people he could try his spells on. One one of his first travels he seems to have met Drombosh, and the two stick together ever since. Especially after a nasty encounter with a clan of ogres ( he was trying to get a nose hair for one of his potions from them) he decided always to travel with a group of adventurers that could help him if (or when, how Drombosh likes to interrupt) he gets into trouble. He actually seems like a magnet for trouble, which is why Arcadia decided to join the party. Still, he is a capable wizard, alchemist and hobby cartographer, and quite a nice guy, for a wizard.

Rilandel Stardew, the archer.
She was assigned by her clan-lord to guard Midir, who was creating a potion for the clan-lord's son, on his travels. Somehow she realized that she liked the strange trio and bade leave from her clan-lord. The trip to Glitterdark Forest is her second trip with Midir and company.