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Welcome to a new section of the Chopping Block.

In this section, each month, a question asked by one of the Chopping Block's readers will be answered by a Worldforgian who is an expert on the area.

So please send me all your questions to Mithro AT I'll choose the one I think is the most important/appropiate/intresting, hunt down the best expert and nag them until they answer the question in detail.

This months question is...

How do I become a WF developer?

Thanks to zzorn for this question

The best place to start becoming a Worldforge developer is to read the newbie guide. This information comes from the getting started guide.

Getting Started with Worldforge.

  • Internet Relay Chat (IRC): Here is the fasted way to get in touch with the people working on the Project.

    The Worldforge IRC server is "", popular channels include #lounge, #coders, and #forge. Anyone interested in worldforge is welcome to join us and ask questions.

    If you are new please join #lounge so we can answer your questions, as off-topic discussions are common in the #lounge.

    Look for jack and kosh as IRCops. brenda is a secretary/Infobot. Brenda archives the channels every 4 hours or after important meetings.

  • Mailing Lists

  • Newsgroup version of mailing lists:

There is also the

another good activing to get up to speed is to read previous issues of Worldforge's newsletter Chopping Block!.

Alot of people post an "introduction" email to WF-General email list, this is highly recommended so that other Worldforgers can help you out in your quest.

Well i hope this helps, keep the questions comming. Next issue I jump into the murky relms of Licensing with "I've don't know about the different licenses WorldForge uses. What are the good and bad parts about the different ones? Do I retain ownership of my work?"

See ya, Mithro