Ptah 0.4.0 released!

Downloads of Ptah 0.4.0 are available at

Available formats are Windows Install Shield, tarred and gzipped sources, RPM, and SRPM. Realize that the last two aren't that useful unless you have compiled COAL and wxWindows and use the --nodeps flag.

User feedback is being considered. Two corrections have been made based on feedback from the last release and the rest (the ones that were really 'bugs') are in the 'Bugs' file in CVS.

Thanks for your feedback,

UncleFluffy to work on ARSE!

UncleFluffy, after over a year of hanging around #lounge, being rude to malcolm and generally doing f--k all, finally got his butt into gear and started writing some code for a 3d renderer for Dime, called the Altima Render Services Engine, or ARSE for short.

NOTE:This comment was posted by UncleFluffy himself

PlantEdit tool started by zzorn!


I have added PlantEdit to the CVS and web page.
It's a tool for creating realistic plant models using L-system techniques.
It's currently in early development, and doesn't do anything useful.

The web page is at:

In CVS, it is in the forge/tools/plantedit/ folder.

Thousand Parsec project started by Mithro

Recently I have decided to work on a creating a computer game called "Thousand Parsec". (This name may change at any time :)

This is a game similar to Stars!, VGA Planets and XPace. It's a 4X turn based space game (eXplore, eXpand, eXtend, eXterminate) which will have a Client/Server model.

It will hopefully support huge universes which many players, only limited by the computer system the game is played on.

Hopefully at a later date there will be multiply clients because of well defined client/server communication and documentation of the turn files.

This project is loosly tied to Worldforge and but may use many Worldforge technologies.

If your intrested please send mithro AT or hop on channel #tp.