Mason Entity Design Meeting Summary (03 Feb 2002)

What: Mason Entity Design Meeting
Time: GMT 20:00 2002.02.03
Place: #mason on
Who: Summary by Bryce

Note: logs can be found here



The meeting actually lasted a full two hours and was *quite* productive. We brainstormed a bunch of general ideas about how machines will be designed and implemented, and reviewed zzorn's Mason Mechanical System (MMS). We achieved concensus on the use of MMS (or, a subset of it) as the foundation for our machine system in Mason, and began investigating how we could go about implementing it. Zzorn volunteered to mock up an concept for the in-game building and use of a water mill for next week.

Some notes and ideas were entered into machines.txt, but we did not get into creating parts lists. Instead, Aglanor took the task of generating a preliminary list we can build from next week, and several others offered their help filling it in.

Next week we will review the work zzorn and aglanor have done, expound on the machine parts list, and figure out where we should go from there.