Quick Mason Entity Design Meeting Summary (6 Jan 2002)

What: Mason Entity Design Meeting
Time: 6 Jan 2002
Place: #mason on irc.worldforge.org
Who: Summary by Bryce

Note: logs can be found here

A lot of progress was made on various aspects of Mason, including content, uclient, the rules, and so forth.

We discussed vegetation that we'll support in the game. Most of the media for this already exists, and we've incorporated many of the plant types Uta made images for into our archetype listing. It sounds like we want to explore using shapes to implement groups of plants, such as fields, forests, etc. Thus the media needs will be a mapping of plant type to shape (individual, clump, field, meadow...)

We are going to target having 5 food plants, 5 foliage plants, 5 trees, and 5 grasses. Each of these will exist in individual as well as grouped states, as well as differing stages of growth, so that'll give us our range of vegetation media we need.

For creatures, we decided that while there's a bunch of different kinds of creatures we'd love to have in the game, as a bare minimum we're going to need 6:

                     Humans                 Orcs
                     ------                 ----
Leader               male human engineer    big male orc warrior
Worker               male human craftsman   little male orc grunt
Beast of Burden      mule                   worg

The next Mason Entity Design Team meeting will be next week on the 13th.