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Cover art by Doug

Welcome to the new and improved Chopping Block!

This issue is packed full of Worldforgian goodness!

After a long interlude without any Chopping Block I've committed myself to producing Chopping Blocks monthly! I personally think that the Chopping Block is an important part of the Worldforge Project, I believe it should be a medium through which casual Worldforgians can catch up on all the latest developments around the project.

Hopefully we can start up monthly status reports for our important projects that can make up an important part of the Chopping Block. This issue we have an article on Ptah and on Silence-Py--giving us useful information about the status of these two important projects. (Yay to Demitar and Brent!)

As well I hope to start up a tradition of getting a unique piece of cover art for each Chopping Block issue! Every good newsletter needs a good piece of cover art :)

Anyway enough with my ranting and on with what's in this issue of the Chopping Block!

It has been an exciting time for Worldforge. Many projects have taken off and are steaming away as if somebody had lit their pants on fire! (phew!).

Stage has been under huge amount of active development and has its fair share of articles in this issue. cyanide kindly prepared a summary of a recent stage meeting (at short notice as well, go cyanide!) and Lee has written a very good article about a core feature of STAGE, RIMs (Rule Implementation Modules).

Demitar has been very busy, writing two articles for this Chopping Block issue. A good article on developing good AI systems (giving Aloril a run for his money, eh?) and another excellent article on his python-based client called Silence-Py.

While on the topic of Aloril and python, he has submitted an interesting tutorial about using Atlas-Python (the new updated Atlas library for python). He uses the example of a simple media server, and hopefully it will give people insight into developing python servers with Atlas. (Good newbie project, do Atlas Pong/Tetris/Space Invaders/Go/Chess/etc in python)

James has submitted a good, brief article about his "Eris" library, I don't really understand it myself but I'm sure a lot of others will!

XClient hasn't been making much noise lately so Aglanor has written up a good article on how to compile XClient in MSVC++, including common problems and where to get all the dependencies. Hopefully this will draw more people to help with this project!

Zzorn has also been a big contributor, producing this issue's 'Special Feature' (a task list of what needs to be done for Worldforge) and an interesting article on rendering forests in 3d.

Other feature articles include a quick summary of what happened at LinuxTag 2001 by Pegasus. There is also a good article by Kosh on about what's happening to the new Zope-based website (which this Chopping Block is brought to you on!). Not to forget a very cool tutorial by Brian about how to use his map editor Ptah, it even includes screen shots!

Last but the one everyone has been waiting for is ANOTHER STORY FROM BRYCE! Everyone loves Bryce's stories, so I'm sure everyone will get a lot of pleasure out of reading another one of his excellent stories.

As well there is a mishmash of stuff in Recent Worldforge Publicity about recent (and not so recent) articles about Acorn.

Thanks to everyone who made this issue possible.

Chopping Block articles for the September Chopping Block are due 1st of September. Everyone is invited to write something up!

Well that about covers this issue of the Chopping Block! See you all again in a month with another issue of the Chopping Block!

This is Mithro signing off.