Current Tasks as of 17 July 2001

Hans Häggström, a.k.a. zzorn
Adam Wendt, a.k.a adam (made all urls hyperlinks)

A lot of new people have shown interest in WorldForge as a result of Linuxtag and the Acorn 0.4 release. A common request seems to be a list of open tasks.

So here's a list of current open tasks and areas that are in active development. A very short project summary is also included, to give a general feeling of what is going on. Apologies in advance if I have forgotten something that should be on the list, please notify me (zzorn) in that case so that I can add it to the web page. Thanks to Aglanor and all the other helpful people on IRC for finding various obscure bits of information for me.

If you are new to WorldForge, first take a look Pato's excellent newbie guide if you haven't already.

Short Project Status

Currently we are




Game Design

World Design



Anything Else

And remember, this is just a suggestion of some of the things that are currently active and could use help. You are free to look around the website on your own, and find something that you would like to work on. Or if you think of something that you feel should be, but isn't mentioned anywhere, feel free to start working on it. Just drop a mail to general@ or another appropriate mailing list first, presenting your idea, so that you don't accidentally start working on something that already was under way, and so that other interested people can team up with you.