Stage Meeting Summary

by Oliver White

The agenda was presented as follows, by Demitar:

0) Opening
0.1) Proposals for Changes in Agenda 
1) Progress Reports 
1.1) RPG Session Progress 
1.2) IG Progress 
1.3) rimpython 
2) Design Issues 
2.1) Admin accounts (kick/kill) 
2) Bugs/Tasks 
3) Closing

There were no proposals for changes in agenda. The meeting quickly moved on to discussing role playing game sessions, of the most basic kind. Right now we are capable of logging in as a character, in-game, and we have a mechanism to prepare scripts in advance and have them 'pasted' into the game. Reliability in-game was also noted to have improved.

Discussion moved on to dice rolling and whether to integrate this more closely with a server-side skills system. Then the stage server crashed... in a very reliable fashion.

The server and the skills discussion were revived.

Grimicus showed interest in programming a skill-check RIM, with some help from Lee. A python binding for the RIM interface was also discussed, and it was proposed that the the skill-set rim be coded up using this interface. A commitment on the subject was not reached, and the conversation moved on to "A way to store and display one's character's stats and inventory".

Bryce has nearly finished with his list of stats to be supported, Lee and Demitar have apparently implemented their components (server side and client side).

Two more 'wishes' were brought up but not discussed:

The status of "Ability to pick up objects and place them in inventory, or drop them" was discussed. Silence currently supports these actions with Cyphesis, but work continues in implementing the functionality in Stage.

In-Game progress continues - it is now possible to create multiple characters for one player. Methods were discussed for creating entities, including reading in CSV files. Discussion then drifted into some implementation issues for various pieces of functionality.

Vladimir offered to help out Malkin with Echo.

Some account management issues were brought up, and Bryce offered some implementation ideas based on his work with the Apache web server. He plans to look into the issue further and report back at next weeks meeting.

Bug reporting was next on the agenda. Demitar suggested setting up a mailing list for the purpose of discussing bugs, and I recommended using Bugzilla. Bryce also though highly of 'Request Tracker', which he's had some experience with. vladimir was in support of Bugzilla for it's flexibility, even though there are some issues with installation and configuration. Bryce then made the point that if we don't use the tool, it is then useless. It will be necessary for some folks to help with advocacy of whatever tool we end up using.

Task Tracking was also considered to be a necessary part of our work on Stage. vladimir has had some experience using bugzilla for general task tracking, and reports positively. I mentioned that bugzilla is used for 'enhancement requests' over at

In the short term bryce recommended simply using the "TODO" file to manage jobs, in the short term.

I agreed to investigate setting up bugzilla. Since the meeting I've discussed the matter with Gabriel, and we are waiting on an ISA network card for victor before proceding any further. My deadline for implementation is sunday week.

Existing bugs were discussed. For more information on the specifics, see the log-files for the meeting. Particularly bad was a problem with blocking in Atlas. It is possible to launch a DOS attack on a Stage server simply by connecting and not logging on. Further investigations are needed, but I'm noone specific was assigned to the task.

The meeting was then Ajourned.

Thanks to all who contributed, I'm glad I finally made it to a meeting.

The log of the meeting can be found here here