A postive article about Acorn at HOLARSE.DE!

The article can be found here, http://www.holarse.net/index.php?content=acorn
it's in german so you can click this link to have Altavista's Bablefish translate it for you,
or you can look at this unoffical translation by Fabian Svara below..
Acorn, currently at version 0.4, is a demo-game based on the Worldforge 
engine. Worldforge is a complete framework for the development of online 
multiplayer games. Both projects are completely opensource.
To clear up these confusing relations, it is a good idea to take a look 
at the homepage of the Worldforge project. I have also searched for 
information about Acorn there. I was surprised when I read about the 
content of the game: It's about herding sheep ;o)
The developer's reason for that somewhat original game concept is, that 
they didn't want to develop a 'normal' game about heroes and princesses, 
as such games can be bought in stores. As I had never thought about 
herding sheep, I was of course even more curious about that game. :o)

The installation from the demo CD was very fast, thanks to the integrated Loki-Installer, and after Acorn had taken around 200MB of my harddisk, I could even start the client comfortably from my KDE-Menu. After clicking 'connect', you get a list with all available Acorn servers, from which you can choose the one with the lowest ping. Other than that it is quite useful to write down the IP of the server so that you can find it again later. After choosing a server, you create your account and character.

And so I was in Agrilan, Acorn's small world. First I was impressed by the really good graphics. The textures looke intersting, don't appear boring, and look damn good :-) Our hero also is nice, the animations of walking or standing are very fluent. When, for example, you go behind a tree or enter a house, the items and walls in front of you get semi-transparent, so that you never get disoriented. Only negative remark about the client: On my machine at least, I couldn't resize the window. Even though there was an entry for that in the configuration file, all my tries led to a crash. The controls of the farmer are kept simple: you turn him with the left/right arrow keys, with the 'up' key he walks in the direction he is looking and accelerates, with the 'down' key he stops or walks slower. A simple click lets our hero beat the selected item, a right click displays informations about the object. With CTRL + left click you can pick up objects like money or pigs and put them in the inventory. To talk, you hit Enter once, type your text and hit Enter again.

After having understood the controls, I wanted to buy a pig as fast as possible that would bring me money for more pigs later by slaughtering it . But that was not as easy as it sounded, as I had to find a pig-seller first. That person was supposed to be at the marketplace, but where was THAT? There is a map for orientation in Acorn that you get by clicking the upper left button next to the text area.

I localized the marketplace in the south and went there. When I had finally found the pig dealer, he didn't want to sell me a pig for some reason. Multiply saying 'I would like to buy a pig" led to no results, eben though he seemed to still have a lot of pigs.

I was frustrated and walked around a bit, until I came to an 'Item shop' - and what was standing in that room? A motherless pig! I couldn't let that be, so I put that pig into my invetory.

After having saved at least 5 coins that way, I had to find an oak tree or more for my pig, where it could eat acorns and increase in weight. So I went a little farther south towards the wilderness and put my pig next to the first oak tree I saw. By hitting the oak tree (left click) you can make some loose acorns fall, that the pig eats instantly - until it isn't hungry anymore. Unfortunately, there is no real display for that, yet, you can only see its status and weight changing by left clicking on the pig.

You can also make the pig walk by clicking on it. Then it only stops again when you shout "Sowee". "Sowee" must be some Pigfarming technical term. :o) You should always keep your eyes on the pig, so that it doesn't disappear into the inventory of some other player. ;-) Sometimes strange skelletons run around, that you can kill a second time with a well-placed left click. On the homepage they talked about wolves from which you probably also have to protect your pig at some point... When the pig finally is nicely fat, you can sell it to the Butcher, what I haven't done yet, as I have started to really like the small pig... ...well, actually I just haven't sold it yet because it hasn't gotten any weightier, yer ;o)

Anyway, Acorn is great fun, and I can only recommend it to anyone who has the bandwith to download the ISO that has just been made available on the Worldforge homepage. I think that ISO is identical with the Demo-CD I got at the LinuxTAG.

Happy pig farming :o)

[mkc] m_koetter at nmail.de English translation: Fabian Svara

Acorn Release publicity

The recent acorn release made headlines all over the net, (well to all the important places :), it made it to lnw http://lwn.net/2001/0726/a/wf-acorn-0.4.php3

it also made it to NewsForge ( http://www.newsforge.com/article.pl?sid=01/06/04/0123228&mode=thread) . This release sadly didn't make it to slashdot.

Old stuff you might have missed

As well there is this old article by Lee can be found on linux world, for those who missed it the first time round, http://netsplit.de/networks/WorldForge/

Stuff you might not know about

When surfing across the net i found this intresting page -> http://netsplit.de/networks/WorldForge/. It appears to list irc statistics.

Everyone should know about brenda's logs, if you don't checkout http://brenda.worldforge.org/logs/index.php. I would sugests that everyone take a look at recent bookmarks (such as the ones found at http://brenda.worldforge.org/logs/lounge/lounge_index.html) many of these discussions are very intresting!.