Summary of LinuxTag

by Pegasus

This is a first short summary about the Linuxtag 2001, which took place in Stuttgart, Germany, from the 5th to the 8th of July. The results of the Linuxtag will get discussed in a meeting soon; I hope I have not forgotten anything and put everything right. If not please all of you who were present at the Linuxtag please correct me.

First of all I want to thank all developers which helped to run the Worldforge booth there, organized things, burned CDRs for the whole day and explained what Worldforge is maybe a thousand times a day (roughly) :) Our small booth was run by James, Shaman, Alistair, Beosil and his brother, Johannes, Karsten and by me (Pegasus).

This time we had prepared a demo CD (containing Acorn 0.4 sourcecode and binaries, and some other stuff) which we could sell at the exhibition. It was funny that we did sell exactly the estimated number of CDRs, which meant 50 CDRs. With the earned money we were able to cover the following costs: copying of handouts, printing of durable poster which can be used next year again, and the costs for actually creating the CDRs (label, cover, medium).

Because of the fact that this year we were able to present an actual game which is really playable we have asked companies which might have in interest in supporting us. As a result SUSE ( ), riodata ( ), and another ISP will check if they can host a game server for us.

OSTnet ( ), which are producing a Linux based settop box, are interested in shipping Acorn with this device. They promissed to provide us with such a box so that we are able to adapt UClient to this device.

Furthermore all Opensource projects were invited to listening to a special talk which presented the possibilities of getting furtherance from the European Community. First we thought that this would be of no interest to us as we are not a company but a group of freetime developers. But after a quite long personal talk in which we did explain our project and its goals, to our surprise it turned out that our project is interesting enough so that we were encouraged to send in a first short application. On one hand those three pages of the application should contain a detailed description of our project and its general goals. It is important that we emphasize that we are developing an open game system and not only a specific game, because only this may have a chance to get supported. On the other hand we must describe a main goal of development that can be realized in an interval of about 1.5 years. The furtherance implies a 100% payment for a maximum of 6 man-years along with expenses for hardware and travelling (which should be respected when definig our goals). Another very important point is that we need to layout a buisiness model for the use of our software which should work. Though this would mean a lot of additional work we should make the application. Because even if we will not get supported we will receive professional criticism which would be helpful for our project, too. The chances are not too bad, however, as there only about twenty projects worth for furtherance are applying and at least only ten of those will get selected.

So far with news from the Linuxtag 2001.


Pictures of our booth taken by Beosil
General pictures taken by other visitors