by Florian Finkenzeller

Welcome to the August Chopping Block! This issue has a number of important articles to help bring awareness of several of the projects that have been completed or are just starting up. This issue also marks a bit of a turning point, as we are now publically known; last week we announced WorldForge 0.2.0: The Demo. (If you've not given it a try, you ought to do so!) In addition, Linux Weekly News will be bringing notice of the Chopping Block out to the world, thus turning this newsletter from an internal communication forum into a public magazine.

The coder crew has produced an excellent series of articles on the state of our server development effort. One cannot help but note in reading these articles how competitive forces are being constructively channeled in the cooperative spirit of open programming. These guys are clearly having a blast! :-) The WorldForge software development technique of experimental evolution is readily apparent, with four different server design efforts being discussed, each specialized in a different area of feature exploration.

Sal has written up an excellent article regarding the concept for mapfile generation, Pug has produced another in his series of summary reports on Circe, and Chord wraps things up with a description of the recent changes to our website.

For those of you just joining us with this issue, please feel free to browse previous months' articles, which will likely help explain some of the many topics addressed in this issue.

Finally, a word of encouragement to be sent out to everyone: We need articles! :-) While WorldForge-specific articles are, of course, highly desired, please don't limit yourself: We enjoy publishing fiction, general how-to articles, essays on qualities (or lack thereof) of competing games, and reports on linux get-togethers. Artwork, poetry, and even music are more than welcome; they need have no association with the other articles or even WorldForge in general - we simply love to display the talents of the creative.

Thanks, and enjoy this month's Chopping Block!

-- the Editors