STAGE Progress Report

Ok... for all the interested parties, here's my take on Stage development:

First of all, if you're not subscribed to, you'll need to be if you want to get involved in stage development.

As you may or may not know, stage is divided into a number of different modules as a means of separating areas of responsibilities in the server architecture. Check out the main stage docs for more info:

I'm not a core stage hacker (well not yet, I'm getting my feet wet at least), but I do follow the cvs@ mailing list to see what's going on. If you're not on this mailing list, consider joining up. Every CVS commit message is posted there, along with a little information about who committed, where it was commited and so forth.

Thor, the controling module for the server, has not seen much activity lately. However, a related library - 'varconf' has recently been taken over by a new maintainer, jaz147. He's a cool guy, go poke him with a stick if you're interested in matters of server configuration.

Mercury has seen a little work being done to set up some 'lobby' functionality. This is part of our bootstrapping effort - initially we just want to be able to log into the server, and take things from there. I think Malkin has been responsible for the latest work, but bryce has had a lot to do with the module. They are both stickworthy if you're interested in the networking side of things.

Echo has the most flesh on it of all modules. Malkin has done a great job of getting our data management module up and running. We've actually got player records being created at this stage, it seems. I'm certain Malkin can give you folks some more info.

Pegasus is our internal messaging system. If Thor needs to tell Echo to do something, (shutdown, delete a random 10 percent of player records... whatever), Pegasus will pass the message on. Pegasus also links all of our plugins (loadable modules) into the system. This module relies on the MELon and LEMon libraries, which are currently in early development. I'd like to see Pegasus advance a bit quicker, and so I'm looking for ways to help myself. You can contact me on the server@ mailing list if you're interested. James Turner and John Sheets are involved in developming the supporting libraries. They're both cool, and stickworthy.

Shepherd is in charge of things. We plan to have lots of 'things' in our game, like ruby earings for instance. Read the docs for more information, if you have any more questions about 'things' let us know. I know I've got a few. ;-)

Not much is happening with shepherd yet, but it looks like Bryce has plans. Lay off the stick for now, I'm sure he'll surprise us when the time is right.

As for the other bits and pieces of Stage, I really don't know. :-)

-- Oliver White