Summary of recent WF Related Activity
David Zokvic

Well... lets see, what have I done in the past few weeks. I recently assumed the position of Music Co-ordinator, and am still trying to get myself up to speed with all the administration work that goes along with the job.

After framiliarizing myself with the GPL/GDFL Licences used by WorldForge, I set about trying to alleviate any concers with these licences among my team. Thanks very much to Bryce who helped my tremendouly in this area, and explained things to others when I didn't understand them myself. I tried to schedule a meeting to discuss plans for Mason music and the like, but due to my own stupidity, schedulded it for a time when I couldn't make it (duh!!).

I am pleased to report that our music libaray is growing rapidly, due to a great effort by our new resident composer Adrian. Nice Work!!! We have had several new additions to the library over the past month, and we will shortly begin work full time on music for Mason. DragonM has been designing our music playback system for use in UClient, will hopefully begin coding on it shortly. Ask him for updates, because we haven't really had time to discuss all of the features of this system, and at this point he has a better idea of what it will be than any of the rest of us. (If anybody would like to help him in this endeavour, please let me know, as all help is appreciated).

I have also been working over the past few weeks on writing some music documentation. This will include our choice of formats, the reasons for our decisions, and basic compostion techniques. My hope is that this will help new music devs. to the project come up to speed more quickly, and provide a quick reference for the rest of us. I hope to have this done in 1 more week, but that all depends on the amount of caffeine I can find around my house. :-)

David Zokvic