by Florian Finkenzeller

Welcome to the first issue of The Chopping Block, WorldForge's newsletter. After some difficulties this one has finally gotten off the ground and hopefully marks the beginning of a long row of Chopping Block publications. I hope that this newsletter will serve to provide information and entertainmentfor both developers and later players of WorldForge and its derivates. For thefirst issue we have five great articles. None of the world section though,I'm afraid, but not much did happen over the last month, so it didn't warrant an article for either world or rules. Only a bit of fine-tuning was done thanks to Sheldon Lee Wen, who found a few contradictions. The server lists are buzzing with work and we can probably expect some articles for next month on the new server models. (Do you hear me folks? ;) Anyway, enjoy reading this issue and have fun. (And yes, I will try to improve my writing style over time ;)