The Colors of Spring

by Uta Szymanek

Yeah, it's springtime and the artists? ideas are sprouting like daffodils. The most outstanding development occurred on creating character portraits. We had a longer discussion on the media mailing list about using these portraits and came to a rough consensus to use small images at about 90x70 pixels in the user interface and larger ones in the character dialogues. As an example uclient already uses 90x70 sized images.

Every artist contributed at least one character portrait, which is available as a sketch or as a colored image. Tom Austin focuses on fictive races as there are a big troll, a friendly dwarf, a Katinid elder and an elf drawing.

In contrast the other artists, including me, concentrated during the last weeks on human characters. So we got a big variety of such portraits available now. Johnny Taporg did images of a tough viking and a roguish looking bar maid and recently Homero R. Sanchez III started up by creating a portrait of a young female with a southern touch. Myself portrayed two friends of mine, which came out as a young javelin thrower and a mysterious looking stranger.

For the next time you may expect an orc, done by Tom, a young lady, obviously possessing some magic skills, done by me, and many others...

The character animation for a human male is finished now. Thanks to Johnny, who also was so kind to create a chain mail for his tough hero, so he does not need to stay naked. By the way, it is funny to play "The Invisible man" by letting the trousers run around alone.

Now, back to the roots of our 2D art; development of tiles is still advancing. So Homero is still concentrating on creating plants and vegetation for the semi-arid climate. You should look at his cacti! Furthermore he experiments on the representation of glass and christal objects.

For the mountainous landscape Tom is working on appropriate tiles, like a waterfall, paving and broken stones. We may be curious about the first building for this area. There will be a water mill, a lighthouse and the evil tower, which shall be finalized in the near future.

Because I am still enlarging the equipment for Cambria, new furniture is available. I have made some sketches of shelves, beds, a canopy, a wardrobe, a cabinet and a round table. A simple viking house is also in the oven... All sketches shall be colored in the next weeks.

Another aspect of our artwork is the general design. For this Tom and I created some backgrounds like parchment, ivy, silk, stone and more. They can be used in several ways, like for the layout of web pages, tables or the user interface of the uclient, which is still on process, too.

The colors of art are flourishing, so enjoy!