Sources of More Info on Current Status of WorldForge

January 2002 Status

Bryce has collected status reports and compiled them into a Project Status - January 2002. This has also been translated into Swedish Projekt Status - January 2002 (svenska) and Spanish Estado del Proyecto - Enero 2002 (espaņol).

October 2000 Status

Presently, our primary development focus is Acorn - Our first playable game! We have implemented this with the Cyphesis server, using UClient. We have just released the second alpha version, 0.2, and are cutting ground to work towards 0.3.

We are looking forward to breaking ground on Mason within the near future. Currently, we are busy fleshing out the game concept, and working out the game's rules and features that we will be striving towards.

We are in the process of relicensing. We completed a vote to determine that yes, we will change the official license for media from the OpenContent Public License, to the GNU Free Documentation License.

Stage, our next major game server, is well under way. We have turned the basic design spec generated earlier this year into functioning code. It does not do anything useful at this point, but it can be connected to remotely. Our next immediate objective is being able to create accounts and log in.

We have just chosen a music coordinator, David Zokvic!

The infra team is engaged in preparing for the first deployment of the new WorldForge website, which will mark a backend software migration from Wiki to Zope.

November 1999 Status

As the year drew to a close, we were focusing efforts on completion of the Atlas-C++ library, as part of the Perseus Plan. We were also developing the architectural level design of STAGE and preparing for getting into the detailed design phase. Plans were being laid to initiate the Acorn effort, although progress was slow going.

Past Project Releases

Since the initial announcement of the project on Slashdot, we've had a number of releases of different products.

  1. "The Slashdotting" (11/03/98) - The initial project announcement.
  2. "Altima 0.1.0" (12/17/98) - Random collection of code
  3. "Altima 0.2.0" (8/14/99) - Renaming of project
  4. "Skeleton Demo" (8/14/99) - Working prototype client/server demo
  5. Perseus - An internal project aimed at solidifying the Atlas protocol.
  6. Acorn Release 0.1.0
  7. Acorn Release 0.2.0