The Goals of the WorldForge Project

Project Charter

Our vision is to foster an independent community in which many free games develop and evolve, with unique roleplaying-oriented game worlds and rules, a wide selection of server and client implementations, and a standard networking protocol to tie everything together.

WorldForge's mission is to produce 3-5 innovative, graphically rich games of cooperation and socialization that help blur the distinction between player and maker, and to establish a positive community environment for current and future free game developers. Our efforts will culminate in a game code-named Belchfire set in a well developed game world called Dural and using the Circe RPG rule system.

Our strategy is simple: Listen to what players wish to do, and put the tools in their hands that makes it possible for them to make it so.

Our fundamental objectives are as follows:

  1. Achieve great project organization and a powerful infrastructure to give us a solid foundation in future endeavors.
  2. Develop a solid set of core client and server libraries that provide us the underlying components we will need to produce games.
  3. Devise processes, lessons learned, documentation, and tutorials those who follow us can use to complete the mission.
  4. Begin bootstrapping up the game production ladder, starting with the simplest kinds of games and gradually accumulating know-how and techniques to build more sophisticated games.
  5. Create a community of player-developers who enhance their enjoyment of the game by participating in its development.

The Core Game Systems

Under the WorldForge Project's auspices are various "Game Systems." Each Game System is built from distributable, scalable "Products" (clients, servers, rules, worlds...) that they may share with other Game Systems. The Atlas protocol has been developed to facilitate this sharing and to establish a standard communication medium for Products to use. WorldForge encourages use of Atlas on projects outside of WorldForge, as well!

WorldForge has selected a series of Game Systems of incrementally increasing complexity that will help it 'bootstrap' its way up from very simple to very sophisticated. These systems are listed (in order) below:

  1. Acorn

    Acorn is a simple little pig farming game set in Dural, using Cyphesis as the server and Uclient as the client. The purpose for this game, in the larger context of the WorldForge project, is to provide a simple yet playable game that we can all focus on.

    rut around...

  2. Mason

    Competitive/cooperative game to demonstrate building-by-recipe, inventions, economics, collision, 3D movement, & media server.

  3. Sands of Syllus

    Nomad/caravan trading & desert warfare game. Showcase for 2D media team. Features AI/scripting heavily. Proving grounds for editor & admin clients.

    comb the desert...

  4. Archipelago

    To provide some balance and perspective in our game development endeavors, we'll briefly depart from medieval-style fantasy to produce an apocalyptic sci-fi game set in a flooded world. Players of Archipelago will enter a world of sea-settlers, pirates, speedboat chases, aqua-farming, long lost sea-cities, and genetically engineered leviathans. Fills out details of combat system and demonstrates complex physics. Focus is on 3D graphics.

    dive in...

  5. Catacombs

    Following the diversion into science fiction with Archipelago, we will return to the fantasy genre with a good ol' fashioned, traditional adventure/dungeon crawl game. WorldForge's Catacombs will be set in an extensive underground labyrinth, filled with creative traps, impressive treasures and challenging monsters. It will include a basic magic system allowing for player-driven in-game spell-design, a flexible and scriptable combat system, ability for people to play the game as monsters and modeling of death/undeath for player characters.

    unseal the tomb...

  6. Belchfire

    Our eventual target is a distributed, scalable, massively multiplayer online RPG set in a cavern-riddled rift valley in the nation of Cambria in the lands of Dural. Belchfire will use the Circe rules set. Its intent is not only to provide a benchmark for the software developers to aim for, but to provide the type of fantasy game world that many of us have always wanted to see.

    It is expected and hoped that Belchfire will serve as a catalyst for other innovative ideas and as a platform from which other kinds of game systems can be derived.

    adventure forth...

  7. New Game Systems

    WorldForge welcomes other game development projects to ally or join themselves in common endeavors. We encourage (but do not require) use of Atlas and/or other WorldForge products. As we are a Free Software project, we provide support and infrastructure for Free products, only.

    Before beginning a brand new product, check around to see if something similar exists already and consider joining (if it is currently active) or taking over custodianship (if it has been abandoned).

Old Goals (already achieved)

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