This is a list of small tasks people can quickly pick up to get involved. They should be things which could quickly be added to a client for screenshots, even if they aren't fully functional in-game because of lacking support in the server (for example, a chisel).

IDEA: Real world model of the anvil and sword, and an interactive tasks for vistors to try to pull the sword from the anvil:
[00:11] Miguel there's one thing that would be simply *cool as hell* though I haven't the time or the skills to make it
[00:11] munin yep?
[00:12] Miguel and that would be to make a wooden or cardboard phyisical representation of the model and the sword
[00:12] munin the model?
[00:12] Miguel yeah, some big anvil to have near the booth :)
[00:13] munin ah
[00:13] anubis ship Gabriel over and have him run a real forge ;)
[00:13] munin the anvil..
[00:13] Miguel argh s/model/anvil :)
[00:13] Miguel haha yeah a real anvil a sworld would be totally awesome
[00:13] zzorn Miguel: Yeah, cool idea
[00:13] munin main problem: our booth is rather small
[00:13] zzorn Then we accept any new members that can draw the sword from teh anvil! =)
[00:14] zzorn "Are you destined for adventure and fame? The legend says the one wh can draw this sword, will do great deeds"
[00:14] Miguel XD
[00:14] Miguel hehe