Articles and Whitepapers written by WorldForge'rs


Lagrangian Mechanics Made Simple
A five part article that outlines Lagrangian Mechanics for the game coder by Ron Steinke

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5
Acorn Internals
An explanation of the protocol conventions developed during the Acorn project by Al Riddoch. Essential reading for all developers.
Technologies for Building Open Source Massively Multiplayer Games
An article written by Al Riddoch and James Turner to accompany their presentation at the 2002 UK Unix Users Goup Linux Developers Conference.

Media Tutorials

Cal3d Media
how to export a model to cal3d format as used in WorldForge be the Sear client and the model2sprite tool.
Textures: what, why and how
Talks about the advantages and disadvantages of various methods of texure generation.
Creating face/head textures for human(oid) game characters
A tutorial for making head-textures using photographs.
And the light is on!
Revolves around the various types of lighting one can use in a scene and their impact upon the mood of the scene.
Image Composition
Learn the fundamentals of good image composition and how to compose interesting scenes from plain looking everyday objects.
Lights and Reflection Study
Puts everything learned in the previous three tutorials together to create a photo-realistic picture of some billard balls on a table.
2D Isometric Creature Animation
Learn the procedures necessary to create an isometric rendering of a creature (in this case a giant crab) to be used in isometric WF clients.
Tree and Plant modeling
Discover tools, tricks and techniques to creating vegetation suitable for photo realistic results and realtime 3D engines.

White Papers

WorldForge Audio
DragonM discusses the reasoning behind choosing MOD (and/or one of it's derivatives) for the WorldForge audio format.
Persistent Data Storage for Stage
An analysis of design considerations for persistent data storage in Stage
Collision Detection
Collision Detection in Real Time Simulations of 3D Systems
Entity 3D Presentation and Structure
Entity 3D representation and structure from the server perspective.