2005/05/10 Ember 0.3.0 release by: erik

Ember version 0.3.0 has been released and is now available from the WorldForge download site.

Ember is a fully functional 3d client for the WorldForge project. It takes advantage of the latest graphic cards to present a beautiful, fully interactive world. An easy to use GUI allows the player to interact with both the world and other players with ease.

The focus for this release has been to expand on the GUI so that the game can be fully playable without having to use console commands. We also aim to provide easy to install packages through the use of autopackage, which allows for easy installation on all major Linux distributions.

Changes in this version

A larger summary of changes can be found here.

This version can be downloaded from the sourceforge download site, at the following locations:

A note on performance:
There is very little done to optimize the performance of Ember in this release. If you experience bad performance, the configuration file found at ~/.ember/ember.conf can be tweaked. Most probably you would want to turn off foliage.

More information can be found at the Ember site.