2005/01/27 Eris 1.3.3 Released by: james

Eris version 1.3.3 has been released and is now available from the WorldForge download site.

Eris is a client-side session layer for WorldForge that automates many common operations, and greatly simplified creating and maintaining a client. This is the third unstable release of the current development work that will become Eris 1.4, and is being made to coincide with the release of Ember. Minor API changes have taken place since the previous release, related to how Eris::Connection reports time-outs (they are now handled by the existing Failure signal). Various crashes related to time-outs and the meta-server query code have been resolved.

The API is not yet frozen, with some changes related to Type object handling already planned for the short term, but all changes should be incremental and localised. Feedback and bug reports are greatly appreciated.

Changes in this version:

This version can be downloaded from the sourceforge download site, at the following locations: